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RUTH HOCHMAN, Publishing Company


Ruth Hochman began writing seriously in 1995. She published her thoughts publicly for the first time while living in Israel in 2005 by writing about the disengagement in Gaza, and in support of Israel's right to build a wall. She also started the first of many blogs that year. In 2008, Ruth self-published her first book, 24 Days in December via CreateSpace. By the end of 2010, Ruth self-published a total of 15 books. In 2014, Ruth shelved all of these works, removing them from Amazon's distribution listings. In 2017, Ruth was a graduate of Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles, CA. She was enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program for two semesters. It was while undertaking a publishing seminar that she was inspired to found her own publishing company.

A lover of reading and writing and books, Ruth endeavors to publish 7 more titles of her own works, 6 more novels and one memoir under the RUTH HOCHMAN publishing label. RUTH HOCHMAN aims to publish the works of storytellers in the following genres: Crime Novels, Children's Books and Memoirs (with powerful human impact storylines). Ruth has an unparalleled passion for storytelling and the art of narrative. Her dream is for RUTH HOCHMAN to publish amazing stories.

We hope our works teach, inspire and guide. Hopefully, they are super, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants entertaining, too. The future is bright. Read on.

Rise of the Clones


Rise of the Clones will be the first title published under the RUTH HOCHMAN publishing label. 

Seeking Readers and Editor


If interested, send a message via Contact Us for more details.