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Founded in 2019 as a publishing company with the vision to publish human impact stories that teach, inspire and guide; and most especially entertain! Genres: fiction, children's books and memoirs. 


Do you love to read books? Do you like giving feedback on them? If so, contact us? We need readers.

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The Live Stream for RUTH HOCHMAN. The crystal ball foretells future live streaming of book signings.

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About The Ruth Hochman Blog

Ruth's Blog is not the blog of RUTH HOCHMAN, LLC. Presently, there is no company blog. As a distinct company, RUTH HOCHMAN, LLC has determined to set a neutral position and seeks to support opinions and viewpoints of future authors from across the spectrum; who will be afforded the opportunity, as well as encouraged to host a blog and share their ideas, regardless if provocative or contrary. However, the opinions of writers, including Ruth, are not the official representation of RUTH HOCHMAN, LLC.


If there are questions this site has not yet answered, please feel free to share your thoughts in the Contact Us form. We appreciate all feedback and questions.